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Finding the right SaaS product for your logistics requirements takes time and research. With multiple software products on the market that all address this complex space in different ways, it can be difficult to know which one will best suit your needs – especially since you usually need to be a client before you get a customised, hands-on experience of the system and the people behind it.

That’s what’s so different about what you get with Yojee.

You see, being in the logistics space, there are a lot of moving parts – literally. When you’re looking for true transparency, accountability, and control using systems that span countries, products, purposes, and end-users, there is no ‘plug and play’.

You need a platform that’s more than just software – you need a fully customisable solution from a company that gets it. And you need the chance to experience the product before you’ve signed on.


At Yojee, you always come first. Even before you’re a customer. Read that again. We start the onboarding process before the sale is even completed. How? Why?


It all starts with the pre-sales team (aka our onboarding team of logistics specialists). They connect with you before signature to understand your requirements, objectives, and align these with how best the software can add value. Then, we shape the program to meet it.

That’s done before contract signature – before delivery even starts. Setting the foundation for your success right upfront.


Because your experience of the software determines our success. And since onboarding can look very different from one customer to the next, working through your custom challenges with you, from the get-go, sets your experience with the platform up for success.

We’re also not interested in shuffling you through a traditional sales funnel – the standard approach to onboarding new customers by incentivising transactions. We’re more interested in what Built-in, an online tech community, and Forget the Funnel refer to as customer-led growth; where our SaaS business is anchored in providing you with tangible value.


Giving you a custom experience doesn’t stop once you’re with us either. From the ongoing support phone calls, a commitment to clear communication throughout the journey, and an in-app chatbot to get some help or direction on the fly. Working hand-in-hand with you is our strength.

My recent customer success story was during COVID-19 where we signed on a client whose drivers used our mobile app for scanning. But, as we hadn’t been able to visit the site for social distancing purposes, we only discovered afterwards that they were doing it in low light, so the scan wasn’t working well.

To address the problem, we immediately connected with our developers. They recoded the app to switch on the phone’s flashlight when scanning and pushed the renewed app to Google Play. Within six hours of the problem being flagged, the driver was scanning using the flashlight. Problem solved – fast.


The golden thread throughout your journey with Yojee is always our commitment to you. Remote or not, we’re here with you, ensuring our structured communication (using Atlassian’s exceptional online tools) consistently centres on your objectives. So, even though we can’t always be on-site, we talk to you – we draw on a whiteboard, share ideas, discuss issues, and translate that into rapid development that you can use.

Yojee is more than software – it’s a highly configurable logistics solution run by professionals who understand your business and know where you’ll get the most value. Let’s work together to make the solution fit exactly what you need it for.

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Watch this video below on how Yojee turned around the product change mentioned above in just 6 hours.

About Yojee

Helping businesses overcome their complex supply chain challenges has always been Yojee’s core value. We connect land freight players through our proprietary platform, providing supply chain visibility and enabling seamless communication between shippers and their customers.

Since our founding in 2016, we have worked alongside the world’s largest 3PLs, global freight forwarders, transportation companies, and brand owners to develop logistics solutions that meet their first-mile and last-mile delivery needs. 
How Yojee stands out from other logistics providers is our multi-carrier management feature, which allows collaboration between land freight players to meet demands. Coupled with our last mile delivery app for drivers, logistics providers can now efficiently move freight from point A to point B with optimal resource usage. We do all this with one goal in mind: fewer carbon emissions and sustainability.

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