Providing Visibility Over Moving Goods With Our Scanning Product Feature

Yojee Logistics Software SaaS Supply Chain Parcel Scanning

When a parcel is missing first and foremost our customer, the service provider has an unhappy customer on their hands. On top of that, they now need to find out where the problem occurred along the supply chain.

Many of our customers are moving from manufacturing to warehouse, to distribution centre, to the end customer. And without that visibility along the supply chain, there is less accountability amongst the players who are involved.

The Yojee platform allows our customers, their drivers and field operators to scan labels attached to parcels or pallets at any point along the supply chain. By doing so, this updates a digital milestone so everyone involved in the delivery can see very clearly who has the ownership and responsibility of the goods being moved.

The Yojee platform and the scanning feature provides our customers and their drivers’ peace of mind. It moves them away from manually counting hundreds upon hundreds of parcels to a simple and easy solution through scanning. This in turn reduces the number of human errors. It provides more responsibility and accountability for those evolved for a more efficient and streamlined delivery journey.

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