Saas Platform

An all-in-one platform which helps your team automate their daily workflows

Enterprise grade platform

Yojee technology powers some of the world’s largest logistics providers. Our platform is suitable for businesses of all sizes — big or small.

Minimal upfront investment costs

A cloud-based platform which can be easily adopted by your logistics team in a matter of days. It also means Yojee is responsible for maintaining the software so you save costs on technical support and bug fixes.

Easy implementation

Yojee also offers user-friendly APIs if you plan to integrate our solution into your existing system along with a dedicated team to support you.

Highly scalable

We love to see our clients grow their fleet and expand their businesses. Yojee’s SaaS solution allows you to scale your business easily without any disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Data security and compliance

You do not have to worry when it comes to data security because Yojee cloud-based software meets the highest data security, privacy and compliance standards.

Reduce Cost

Spend less time and money by streamlining your operations

No more manual planning

With a powerful route planning software, you can cut down on resources to plan deliveries and manage drivers.

Reduce customer queries

Real-time ETAs and customer notifications save your business valuable time and resources while solving queries and improving your customer experience.

Improve profit margins

Using a one-click route optimisation means less mileage on your vehicles and shorter delivery times.

Improve fleet capacity

Get more out of your fleet and drivers when you have real-time visibility on day-to-day operations.

Improve Visibility

Always know where your drivers and goods are in one single view

Know where your drivers are

You can locate your drivers on a live map, and they can chat with you on the go via the driver app.

Know where your goods are

A QR code is attached to every delivery order and its location is made available whenever a driver scans it.

Know when a delivery is completed

The driver app is able to collect ePOD upon job completion so you can instantly process billing.

When you have real-time visibility, you can:

– Identify delivery issues and quickly resolve them
– Meet delivery times and keep customers happy
– Keep your partners accountable and increase efficiency

See for yourself just how much money and time Yojee will save you and your team