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Yojee Software

Yojee best-in-class logistics software utilises blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to optimise and manage fleets. Yojee software is designed to optimise any business on an affordable monthly recurring fee model.

Yojee software is suitable for all logistics companies. We are here to empower small and medium size companies with the ability to achieve cost efficiencies only the industry giants have enjoyed before.


Scalability and Reach

Extend your geographical capability and increase load capacity utilisation in sectors where access may not be available. Yojee’s smart technology enables you to scale up when needed while being able to cut down on overhead costs significantly.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Improve delivery performance using our state-of-the art fleet and routing optimisation as well as removing human error and manual processes. More efficient vehicle routing leads to improved asset optimisation as more jobs become geographically available, with little additional effort required.

Massive Cost Savings

By utilising the power of Artificial Intelligence, Yojee’s autonomous dispatch continuously finds the most effective way to manage your vehicles. It helps you cut down cost and open doors to increased revenue by using advanced algorithms and machine learning to achieve greater efficiency and reduce labour costs throughout your operations.

Increase operational efficiency

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Software Ecosystem



A web-based dashboard for dispatching and managing orders, route optimisation tracking parcels and drivers, business analytics and more


A simple to use mobile app for drivers to accept jobs, get optimised routes, interact with customers through a secure platform and more.


A branded mobile web experience - app and website- allowing customers to place the orders, track deliveries in real-time, communicate with drivers and more

Top Features


Manage jobs with full visibility in real-time and communicate internally with in-built chat functionality.


Smart routing reduces costs, allows job clustering and improved asset deployment efficiency. Yojee analyses and provides smart solutions for future deliveries and valuable insights. The more you deliver, the smarter you get!

Analytics Dashboard

With real-time analytics, be in the know of how well your business is performing and which areas have room for improvement. The dashboard provides full visibility over job statuses and performance ratings at one glance.

Blockchain technology

The supply chain’s future lies with blockchain! Yojee trusted platform records transactions and deliveries in a secure environment through our proprietary blockchain technology. The Yojee blockchain enables smart-contracts, digital bills of lading, foreign exchange, payments and indisputable records.


Dispatchers have full control over job details and statuses and the ability to move jobs across companies. This allows for real time tracking and communication between the sender and carrier, carrier and driver giving Yojee a competitive advantage over legacy freight networks on both the sender side and the carrier side.

Smart Assign ™

Powered by AI, this feature dynamically determines and passes jobs to the most suitable drivers. Revolutionary Yojee SmartAssign™ and Yojee Broadcast allows companies to make smart job assignment decisions without touching a button.


Start Optimizing Now


  • Fully accountable transit trail
  • Routing management / Clustering / Multi-drop options
  • Instant invoicing
  • Artificial intelligence/Machine learning rating system (Company/Driver)
  • Integration with Xero or QuickBooks
  • Fully integrated - API intergration (Subject to scoping)
  • Business analytics
  • Advanced booking option
  • Machine learning vehicle type predictions / Capacity planning
  • Partner management
  • Autonomodal partner supply chain management
  • Autonomodal Smart Assign of jobs to partners
  • White labelling of public booking platform, admin panel & iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Custom pricing plans
  • Custom service types for public booking platform
  • Smart Assign, Smart Broadcast and Smart Suggestion


Enterprise Elite

  • Modular heat maps - Job prediction function
  • Modular autonomous operations (Last Mile)
  • Real-time route allocation algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence multi-leg routing
  • Warehouse Integration
  • Artificial intelligence cross docking
  • Zonal delivery optimised by artificial intelligence & Big Data
  • Machine learning Route Optimisation
  • Auto-dispatching
  • Machine learning Supply and Demand Heatmap
  • Machine learning future predictive planning tools
  • Customer facing iOS and Android apps
  • Cash on delivery payment option
  • Payment wallet
  • Payment gateway
  • Public booking portal

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    Fully Modular: Pay for what you need.
    * All prices in $USD.

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