How does Yojee’s product help companies like mine?

Yojee is helping companies like yours overcome their most complex supply-chain challenges through innovative technology. Yojee works alongside companies large and small to modernise the way they manage their businesses. Whether creating bespoke solutions for some of the world’s largest freight forwarders or enabling SMEs with their standard product, Yojee has established itself as a key innovator in the Logistics Technology space.

Yojee has offices in Singapore, Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Perth), Malaysia, and Vietnam, yet works with customers across the globe to deliver its unique software solution.

The product itself is a browser-based SaaS Logistics platform, combined with a powerful driver app that leverages mobile phone technology, that delivers a high-performance ecosystem capable of handling enormous volume with ease, giving unparalleled visibility, accountability and control to logistics operators.

Yojee is cloud-based, secure, and powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for world-class fleet management and optimisation, helping companies of all sizes to optimise and manage delivery operations on a mass scale.

Yojee is fast becoming a key name in the Logistics innovation space and is helping organisations across the world to transition into today’s digital world.


What does the implementing process look like?

The process varies from Enterprise to Dispatch customers.

For Enterprise, you will be provided with a dedicated project manager.

For Dispatch customers, you will be appointed a member of the Customer Success team (CSS) to look after your onboarding process. This process can vary depending on the customer.

We schedule a handover/intro session between Sales to CSS with you, this is more of a get to know (for both parties) and advise you on the next steps.

Following this, we schedule training and guide you over the end-to-end usage of the system. We aim to have you test out the system a day or 2 before you go live so you can get comfortable with the platform and raise any questions you may have missed during your training session.

We guide you through every step of the way and are always on hand to support, either within the platform using the chat widget or by email.


Can I start using Yojee straight away?

You can start using Yojee immediately as soon as you receive your logins. We recommend you go through training before using the platform so that you get the most value.


Can I integrate the Yojee Software account with other e-commerce platforms?

Yes, you can! Yojee offers API integration to connect our software to other platforms important to your business. Get in touch with us to learn more

Is there a limit to the number of users and drivers per subscription?

There is no limit to the number of users and drivers per subscription.


Does Yojee’s Platform Support Multiple Languages?

Definitely! We currently support up to 3 languages at the moment. Get in touch with us to learn more here

How do you charge?

Yojee is a subscription based-model which may include a set-up fee depending on your model and how much configuration you may need as well as a transaction fee. This can vary on the size and volume of your deliveries. 


Are there any setup fees?

There is a transaction fee and in some cases, there is also a set-up fee depending on your model and how much configuration you may need.


In what currency is Yojee paid for?

We support local currency so you can pay in your preferred currency.


How can I receive a quote from Yojee?

You can head over to this page here and we will get back to you with your proposed pricing.

How does the demo work?

Introduction, qualification and demonstration. We do a video call with you to find out more about your business and then show you how the Yojee platform can help solve your problem/s and the benefits it can bring to your business. We also use this time to answer any of your questions and how we can customise and configure the platform to suit your business’s needs and wants.


What happens at the end of my demo?

After the demo, we quantify the value and propose a solution for your business.

Do you have a customer service team where I can ask questions once I start using Yojee?

We have a customer success team which will help you before you have even signed up with Yojee to make sure they achieve the best results for you.


Is their ongoing support, even after the onboarding process?

We pride ourselves on our continued support services as we have over the phone customer service whenever you need it. This support is all included in part of your subscription fees and no additional charges will be made. There is also an in-app chat box to get some help or direction on the fly, this is particularly useful for our drivers who may be on the job and need a prompt response or help on the road. 


Is there local representation available?

You are assigned with a specific Account Manager and in most cases will be represented in your local region.


Is there available product training?

Yes in the onboarding experience, our Customer Success team will be there to train, execute the scope of work, embed it into your business and hold your hand throughout the process.

Face-to-face or virtually options are available for this process, depending on your Covid situation or whichever works best for your team and business.  

Please click here to view our Privacy & Data Protection Policy.

If you’re ready to talk with our team on how Yojee’s platform can bring success and growth to your business and supply chain, head over here to get started!