Shipping Rate Cards

Yojee offers customisable and innovative pricing for customers and delivery partners

Are you manually applying different delivery rates for your customers?

Need a new pricing model for delivery of non-standard size goods?

Want to incentivize drivers to accept a job to a troublesome delivery location?

Businesses can now more effectively automate rates and commissions, and easily send out invoices. This will allow them to manage their shipping cost and partner's compensation in a simple system, saving time and money. The Yojee team has also brought experience together with software development and logistics expertise to continuously provide an easier way to run shipments.

For your customers

Apply standard rates for different customer segments.
Calculate charges and costs with varying quantities, time and distance.
Manually add or adjust charges on an order by order basis

For your partners

Define complex rating tables with your delivery vendors.
Calculate charges and costs including a multitude of factors such as quantity, weight, cubic, time, distance and apply maximums and minimums.
Let Yojee calculate your costs for each order and assist you in finding the cheapest carrier.

Eliminate revenue leakage

Ensure every job is rated correctly, every time.
Your driver or dispatcher can add ad hoc services to orders to ensure you get paid for additional work.
Make manual adjustments on an order-by-order basis.

Improve profit margins

Let Yojee calculate your costs for each order leg and find the best value carrier.

  • Automatically calculate the profitability of each job to improve your operating margins.

  • How It Works

    Before Shipment

    Do without your excel sheets and set up rate cards for all your customers, no matter if they are charged by total weight, total pallets, distance covered and more. Yojee Shipping Rate Cards allows creation of different rate tables and rate formats.

    During Shipment

    Every single rate card will be used to automatically calculate total shipping costs. When rate cards are set up correctly in Yojee platform, you reduce manual calculations every time a shipment occurs.

    After Shipment

    Upon delivery completion, your finance team would be able to generate Pro Forma Invoice and send it out to your customers. Shorten billing cycle with Shipping Rate Cards!


    Rate cards are implemented to ease the billing processes and are typically digitized in a logistics software. A business may use rate cards module to automatically calculate total shipping costs for different customer accounts or for drivers’ compensation, with different rates and commission structure.

    You can set shipping fees for your customers by using the Shipping Rate Cards feature. This feature will automatically calculate the fees based on the rate calculator which you have defined in the software.

    Be in the driver seat

    Take control of your logistics operations with Yojee

    Be in the driver seat

    Provides business intelligence

    Yojee analytics dashboard provides business intelligence, so you can get a better sense of operation costs and maintain control over your drivers and delivery partners.

    No Hidden Costs

    We are a cost-effective solution with no hidden costs. There is no minimum number of drivers or transactions required to use our software.

    An intuitive and easy-to-use UI

    Easy-to-use UI. Optimise in a single click or drag and drop for manual route sequencing.

    Cloud-based solution

    Our cloud-based solution consists of three easy-to-use modules – Driver App, Customer Web Portal and Dispatcher Web Platform, with unlimited driver assignments.

    We make onboarding with Yojee such a breeze, you’ll have no reason not to get started.

    We make onboarding with Yojee such a breeze, you’ll have no reason not to get started.

    See for yourself just how much money and time Yojee will save you and your team

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