Route Optimization

A one-click feature that improves the efficiency of your entire fleet
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Vehicle capacity

Trying to match a vehicle to carry your non-standard sized goods? Our optimization feature will do the work for you based on dimensions of your goods and the dimensions of the vehicles that you have in your system

Service time

How often do your drivers tell you that they are late because of the time taken during cargo loading and unloading? Yojee's route optimization software takes all these into consideration during route planning

Driver's Schedule

Finding for a replacement driver in the middle of the day? Let the routing software help you to match active jobs to available drivers in your system with just one click. The system can re-sequence the delivery routes and re-calculate the ETA.

Capacity Planning

An automated dispatching tool that has capacity planning algorithms so you are able to fully utilize fleet capacity


A route optimisation software helps businesses fulfil as much delivery orders as possible with the least amount of resources. In other words, to get the goods delivered to customers in the shortest amount of time with minimal fuel consumption.

To optimise a delivery route, a dispatcher will plan a sequence of stops (pick up and drop off) taking into account loading and unloading times, traffic and road conditions as well as driver availability.

Route optimisation is crucial because it allows businesses to deliver goods on time to their customers while saving on resources, especially fuel. This software works by distributing the load of orders among multiple drivers and delivery zones in a cost-effective manner.

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top global logistics providers powered by Yojee technology

leading trucking companies leveraging the platform

fuel/cost savings in time travelled


top global logistics providers powered by Yojee technology

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leading trucking companies leveraging the platform

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fuel/cost savings in time travelled

Scale your logistics operations now

  • Lower cost, faster delivery – You spend less time and money managing your logistics operations

  • You put minimal upfront investment costs. You don’t need a technical team or set up expensive tech infrastructures.

  • Improve profit margins with us. Increase your fleet utilisation when you have a real-time analytics dashboard and route optimisation to save fuel and increase the number of deliveries in a day.

Our monthly subscription comes with:
– Unlimited driver assignments/driver app usage

– Free customers notifications (Email and SMS)

– Free number of transactions based on your subscription tier

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