Delivery Partner Management

Provide external dispatchers and delivery partners the ability to schedule deliveries, track and manage drivers

Do you outsource your delivery needs?

With Partner Management, you can ease communications with your delivery partners on pick up and drop off times, how small or big the delivery goods are

Most logistics managers need to use excel sheets and plenty of phone calls to manage day to day delivery operations with external delivery partners. Yojee enables you to manage multiple delivery partners from a single platform. With Yojee, it's easier to communicate with your partners, reduce phone calls and update orders electronically and in real-time. Yojee helps logistics managers to automate the process of communicating and assigning new delivery orders to delivery partners.

Increase delivery capacity

Transfer delivery orders to your downstream partners and still stay in control of the movement of goods and obtain ePODs.

Sharing of functions

Provide a single dashboard to your partners to assign delivery orders to their drivers, optimise delivery routes and track delivery status.

Visibility on activities

View your downstream partner capacity, performance and costs to assist with real-time decision making to choose the right partner to work with for you and your customers.

Find out how Yojee works with a top european freight forwarder in the SEA region to work effectively with their external carriers while delivering exceptional customer service.

How It Works

Before Shipment

Easily transfer orders to your 2PLs / carriers with just a few clicks. All shipment details such as consignment notes and recipient’s contact details would be attached in that order. Reduce miscommunication with your 2PLs with this seamless process.

During Shipment

You would be able to see every shipment status on the platform, whether it is completed or in progress. Set up delivery notifications for your customers, so you could update them even when order fulfillment is done by 2PLs.

After Shipment

ePODs collected by 2PLs will be reflected in the platform, where you would be able to process invoicing immediately upon a delivery completion. With Yojee’s analytics dashboard, you are able to monitor performance of your 2PL too.


Partner management software is a tool that assists businesses in streamlining order fulfilment and interactions with delivery partners. This software in the terms of a logistics operation, is used to transfer delivery orders to carriers for order fulfilment. The order fulfilment status is updated in real-time, so business owners will have visibility over the orders even when carriers are responsible for order fulfilment.

Delivery scheduling software is a tool that assists businesses in managing their drivers’ schedules and ensuring that there is enough workforce to ship goods to customers in a timely manner

The purpose of partner management is to help businesses gain visibility over the order fulfilment process when an external fleet is used. With visibility over the order status, businesses are able to keep their customers informed. A partner management software also provides valuable insights into the performance of each delivery partner, eg completed deliveries vs failed deliveries, on-time deliveries vs late deliveries etc

A partner management software should be user-friendly – orders are easily transferred to partners with a couple of clicks and your partners can be onboarded into the platform with minimal training. Ask the software vendor whether there are data analytics to showcase the performance of your partners. Check out Yojee logistics software, where it allows your partners to use shared functions eg route planning in their last mile operations!

Be in the driver seat

Take control of your logistics operations with Yojee

Be in the driver seat

Provides business intelligence

Yojee analytics dashboard provides business intelligence, so you can get a better sense of operation costs and maintain control over your drivers and delivery partners.

No Hidden Costs

We are a cost-effective solution with no hidden costs. There is no minimum number of drivers or transactions required to use our software.

An intuitive and easy-to-use UI

Easy-to-use UI. Optimise in a single click or drag and drop for manual route sequencing.

Cloud-based solution

Our cloud-based solution consists of three easy-to-use modules – Driver App, Customer Web Portal and Dispatcher Web Platform, with unlimited driver assignments.

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top global logistics providers powered by Yojee technology

leading trucking companies leveraging the platform

fuel/cost savings in time travelled


top global logistics providers powered by Yojee technology

1 +

leading trucking companies leveraging the platform

1 %

fuel/cost savings in time travelled

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    Unlimited driver assignments/driver app usage
    Free customers notifications (Email and SMS)
    Free number of transactions based on your subscription tier

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