Delivery Notifications

Update your customers via automated SMS or email notifications

How many phone calls, texts and emails do you receive a day on delivery status?

Customer Notifications

Automate your delivery notifications

When an order is placed, you can send out an automated SMS and email with a tracking URL. You can even customise the message.

Real-time ETA calculations

Your customers are able to see the estimated time of arrival for their delivery, with live updates: Orders are Processing, In Transit, Out for Delivery and Delivered.

Visibility on your delivery partners

Both you and your delivery partners can track live updates on the delivery progress so you can always get ahead with customer-facing communication in the event of delays. Stay accountable to your customers even when you are using external delivery vendors.

Reduce enquiries

Real-time ETA will dramatically reduce customer enquiries on delivery status, so you will receive fewer inbound enquiries into your customer service and support centres.


It informs customers on the status of their deliveries, typically via email or SMS.

With a delivery management software, you can efficiently manage your delivery service. The software allows you to assign delivery jobs to your drivers. It automatically tracks each delivery order and sends out notifications to your customers. To shorten delivery time and save fuel cost, the software allows you to plan delivery routes too. A delivery management software helps to streamline your workflow and ensure that you provide reliable delivery service to your customers.

Improving delivery accuracy implies gaining visibility into each stage of delivery. A delivery management software often comes with a delivery driver app where your drivers have all the information needed for order fulfilment. The app would allow drivers to follow pre-planned routes offering, turn-by-turn navigation so they could make on-time delivery.

Be in the driver seat

Take control of your logistics operations with Yojee

Be in the driver seat

No hidden fees

No minimum number of drivers or transactions. Our software includes unlimited driver assignments with a free driver app.

An intuitive and easy-to-use UI

Easy-to-use UI. Simple drag and drop routing and rescheduling, optimize in a single click, and beautiful map overview.

Lower cost, faster delivery

Designed to save you time and money on daily operations and managing your partners.

We make onboarding with Yojee such a breeze, you’ll have no reason not to get started.

We make onboarding with Yojee such a breeze, you’ll have no reason not to get started.

See for yourself just how much money and time Yojee will save you and your team

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