Frequently asked questions

Sending with Yojee
in Singapore

Yojee is working round the clock to expand our delivery locations continuously. Currently, Yojee only delivers within Singapore.
You can create a delivery order by using the Send Yojee app (free to download from Android and Apple iOS stores) or via the web at http://order.yojee.com (Singapore only).
Yojee endeavours to be transparent with our pricing, so you don’t feel hit with unexpected ‘hidden charges.' Yojee currently charges delivery fees based on the weight of your parcel coupled with distance and the timing window of a delivery job. Kindly note there may be surcharges (e.g. for ERP). The final fee will be displayed at booking confirmation. For full details, please see our delivery pricing, here.
Head to http://order.yojee.com (Singapore only), select the parcel type you wish to send. You will be prompted to login or register an account with Yojee. To book deliveries via our Send Yojee app (Android or iOS), login with your mobile number and you’re good to Yojee your parcels safely to their destination!
The Send Yojee App can be downloaded for free from either Android or Apple iOS app stores. We pride ourselves on making our software beautiful and simple to use. If you need more help, please contact Yojee Customer Support at [email protected] or +65 3138 9076.
Yojee currently delivers between 10am – 10pm, Monday through Saturday. Our Customer Support team will be available to help you throughout those times.
Yojee currently accepts payment via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). If you are a corporate sender, you can email to [email protected] to enquire more!
Yojee accepts payment via Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
Currently, Yojee does not offer Cash On Delivery as a payment option.
Currently, Yojee delivers any item up to 50kg in weight and 63cm x 63cm x 63cm in dimension. Yojee cares about the safety of our Delivery Partners, so please ensure that items are not on our prohibited items list which can be found in our T&Cs.
Yojee delivers anywhere in Singapore except surrounding islands, military camps and bases, and the Istana.
Yojee currently offers a three-hour premium delivery window and a same-day delivery service. The premium three-hour service starts the moment you confirm your order. Should you require very specific time as an exception for, say, a birthday surprise or an urgent document delivery, please contact Yojee Customer Support at [email protected] or at +65 3138 9076 and we will do our very best to help!
You may send as many parcels as you wish, whether pickup or delivery is from one or multiple locations. Each parcel for delivery must be input as a separate, new order for it to have its own tracking number. For bulk delivery orders, please contact Yojee Customer Support at [email protected] or at +65 3138 9076.
Yojee wants to ensure that your parcels arrive safely to their destination. We kindly request that you package contents carefully to prevent them from being damaged during transit. Yojee Delivery Partners are trained to handle goods with utmost care but please note that Yojee will not be held liable for damage resulting from items being improperly and/or insufficiently padded and packaged.
You can track your delivery instantly on the Yojee home page. Under “Track your delivery”, insert the tracking number you have. Alternatively, you can use our “Send Yojee” mobile app which offers live tracking of your parcel from the moment it is picked up by our Delivery Partner.
In the rare event of a problem with your delivery please contact Yojee Customer Support at +65 3138 9076 immediately.
Yes, Yojee insures for items up to S$500 in value per delivery order. Should you require additional insurance coverage for your parcels, please contact Yojee Customer Support at [email protected] or at +65 3138 9076.
Yojee wants to ensure that parcels are delivered safely to the correct recipient so we require a signature proof-of-delivery (POD) by the recipient named on the order. Once this has occurred, you will receive an SMS confirming that delivery has been made.
The Send Yojee App provides a countdown timer for you to know when our Delivery Partner will be picking up or dropping off your parcel. Yojee Delivery Partners work to efficient schedules so should a Sender or Recipient fail to meet a Partner Driver within ten minutes of the designated pick-up time, please be aware that Yojee will charge 50% of the delivery fee. We kindly ask that you reschedule the pickup or delivery by placing a new order.
Yojee Delivery Partners are unable to confirm delivery of parcels without a signature proof-of-delivery (POD) by the named recipient. You may choose to provide explicit written consent (SMS to the Delivery Partner or email Yojee Customer Support at [email protected] authorising someone else to sign the POD or instructing for the parcel to be left outside but Yojee will not be held liable for parcels that subsequently go missing.
Head to https://order.yojee.com/ and proceed to create two separate bookings.
You can contact Yojee Customer Support at [email protected] or at +65 3138 9076. We are contactable during Yojee delivery operating hours, 10am – 10pm, Monday through Saturday.

General Support

Did not find what you were looking for? Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at +65 3138 9076. We are contactable during Yojee delivery operating hours, 10am – 10pm, Monday through Saturday.

Becoming a courier
in Singapore

Register online at https://couriers.yojee.com (Singapore only). Once you have registered online and agreed to Yojee T&Cs, our team will take one to two working days to review your application. You can download the Drive Yojee App once you’ve been approved.
Not at all. You can use any mode of transport. Yojee aims to reduce carbon footprints so we would support the use of public transport and walking, too!
You can select any jobs that fit your schedule, there is no obligation to take jobs if you do not want to.
Yojee delivers documents, parcels and packages up to 50 kg. Deliveries are on a point to point basis.
Vehicles will not be provided nor do we rent out vehicles. You are more than welcome to use your own vehicle, bicycles or take the public transport.
Currently, Yojee does not offer Cash on Delivery therefore couriers do not need to handle cash.
Please fill in the following registration form at https://couriers.yojee.com (Singapore only). Once you have registered online and agreed to Yojee T&Cs, you will be invited to attend a non-obligatory courier training session. Please remember to bring your NRIC for identification purposes. You will also need to download the Drive Yojee App.
No. As per Yojee Terms & Conditions, your personal information will be safeguarded to the extent of the law. Customers (senders) will only see your name and photo.
The Drive Yojee App can be downloaded for free from the Android or Apple iOS app stores. We aim to make our software not only beautiful to look at but super easy and intuitive to use. During the non-obligatory courier training session, you will be shown how to use the app. If you need more help, please contact Yojee Operations Team at +65 3138 9076.
Yojee recognises that having happy and reliable couriers, helps everyone to have a great experience with our platform. To this end, we endeavour to be competitive, payment is made every fortnight via bank transfer. Each delivery is unique, courier earnings will be based on the delivery distance, weight and/or dimensions of the parcel.
Yojee understands that everybody likes to make some extra cash and to work on their own terms so we do not impose minimum work hours or number of jobs. We believe everybody should be able to control their own time and income so you choose when you want to work and for how long. The only requests we make are that you respect Yojee Service Level Expectations.
To ensure that everybody has a great experience with Yojee, we ask that our Delivery Partners adhere to Yojee Service Level Expectations. The main request we make is that if you encounter any issues, you contact the Yojee Operations Team first at +65 3138 9076!

Delivering as a courier
in Singapore

For non-urgent operational support, you can contact us, via email [email protected] or by using the in-app chat system. For urgent support, call +65 3138 9076.
Training for the Drive Yojee App will be given during the non-obligatory courier onboarding session.
Once you are a Yojee Partner Driver you can start delivering immediately! When you are logged into your Driver App and the app shows your status as “On Duty”, jobs will automatically be assigned to you. Please do take note of Yojee Service Level Expectations.
If you lose or damage a parcel, please inform Yojee Operations team immediately via the in-app chat or on +65 3138 9076. Do not contact the customer. Yojee will assess the extent of the damage or cost of the lost item and follow-up with the customer.
Please do not make any timing changes with customers. Should you need to make changes, contact Yojee’s Operations team using the in-app chat or on +65 3138 9076. The team will assess the situation and contact the customer on your behalf.
When your status is shown as “On Duty” it will be assumed that you are available for jobs and jobs will be automatically assigned to you. If an unforeseen circumstance arises and you think you may be delayed or unable to complete a job, please “Reject” the job and it will be reassigned to another Courier. Do note that Yojee Operations team will monitor all job rejections and may contact you to discuss.
A job can be rejected but note that as part of our Service Level Expectations, Yojee will monitor all rejections and may contact you to discuss. If an unforeseen circumstance arises and you think you may be delayed or unable to complete a job, please contact Yojee’s Operations team immediately and they will instruct you on next steps to take.
The Drive Yojee app will include the indicated time a delivery has to be fulfilled by. Strictly follow the allocated time for 3-Hour Express jobs as they are time sensitive.
Yojee offers real-time tracking of parcels as well as a live countdown to pick-up and delivery times. GPS tracking allows Yojee to provide this information to our users, so GPS tracking must be turned on whilst you are delivering for Yojee.
Yojee delivers between 10am – 10pm, Monday through Saturday, so you will have access to jobs for delivery within that time frame. Yojee Operations team will be available to support you during those times. For now, Yojee will not deliver parcels on Sundays and public holidays, during which time our Operations team will also have a rest!
This should be rare as Yojee app provides both senders and receivers with up-to-the-minute countdowns of pickup/delivery times. In the event that the sender / recipient is not there, please contact them first. If you are unable to make contact, please inform the Yojee Operations team immediately, safe-guard the parcel (if already picked up) and move on to the next delivery job while awaiting further instructions from Yojee Operations team.
If the recipient is not available to receive a parcel, do not leave the parcel at its destination. You are only allowed to leave parcels outside a delivery location, i.e. complete a job with no proof-of-delivery (POD) signature, if there is explicit written consent from a customer authorising this. Once you have received written consent, please inform Yojee operations team and provide a copy of the written consent, e.g. screenshot. Otherwise, a POD signature is required to complete deliveries.
If you turn your status to “Off Duty” during a job you will be able to complete the delivery but as long as your status remains “Off Duty” you will not receive any new jobs.

Show your status as “On Duty” only when you are sure you can fulfil deliveries

Be punctual

Smile and be courteous and polite

Handle all documents & parcels, regardless of size, with care

Always manage expectations: if you are going to be late or have a problem, let Yojee Operations know immediately!

Do not sign on behalf of customers and do not allow anyone but the intended recipient of a parcel to sign for it unless written consent has been given by the intended recipient

Do not contact customers without a good business reason to do so

Do not leave parcels at a destination unless you have written instructions to do so

Do not enter premises without consent (this is trespassing and a criminal offence)

Do not try to damage control yourself: if there is a problem, contact Yojee Operations first!