12 November 2018



The E-commerce era has drastically changed the way legacy logistics companies operate. It has created new delivery expectations such as on-demand delivery, next day delivery, and pick up stations, and every year these expectations change. Gone are the days where delivery within a week was something special, with Amazon paving the way for same day deliveries, consumers are demanding not just more choices of delivery windows from online retailers but also shorter delivery windows.

The driving factor behind this revolution is the need for instant gratification in the 21st century. In a study by PwC, 61% of consumers across the world were ready to pay premium prices for the benefits of same day delivery.

In a study by Accenture, it was uncovered that 64% of online consumers were not satisfied with the available delivery windows and were willing to pay for faster delivery options such as same day delivery. Online retailers have been slow to respond to the growing demand for a new service, with only 15% of retailers worldwide offering same day delivery as an option for their consumers.

When online retailers are unable to offer satisfactory delivery options, they can expect 45% of online shoppers to abandon their basket. The first step for online retailers to evolve their business is to review their strategy and product offering to decide if it makes sense to introduce this new delivery option. If yes, they need to assess which of the available providers they can partner with to offer same day delivery.

Few online retailers have adopted Same day delivery as a delivery option, however it is undeniably the next step forward in e-commerce last-mile fulfilment. However, it can get complicated fast when working out the logistics details and managing the operations. Look for logistics providers who are experts in their field and they can help you understand how same day delivery works and how you can incorporate it into existing operational and delivery processes. Whether it be outsourcing deliveries to on-demand couriers or utilising your business’ existing fleet.

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