Driver Management Software

Drivers are your most important asset
  • Empower them with a powerful mobile app and see an improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Get your drivers from Point A to Point B
  • all in one app
    • Notifications

      If you are still calling up drivers for a job assignment, look no further. With Yojee's driver management app, your drivers will be notified of an incoming delivery order with all necessary details, which they can choose to Accept/Decline

    • Task Assignment

      Miscommunication happens in the warehouse and it could be prevented. During loading of goods, drivers are able to scan the barcode/QR code on each order. The order is then assigned to the drivers — no more order discrepancies during pick up

    • Navigation

      The driver app comes with pre-configured routes set by your dispatcher. With multiple delivery stops within the day, your drivers do not have to decide which stop to go first as all of the planning has been done by Yojee's route planning algorithm.

    • Electronic Proof Of Delivery

      Reduce paper trails with the driver app where your drivers are able to collect proof of delivery via photographs or signatures. Now you can easily verify a delivery completion and customer order acceptance as well as send out invoices on the same day

    • In-built Chat

      Capture all work information in one place. Drivers may ask for an address confirmation related to an order ID or report a faulty vehicle in the middle of the day.

    Be in the driver seat

    Take control of your logistics operations with Yojee

    Be in the driver seat

    No hidden fees

    No minimum number of drivers or transactions. Our software includes unlimited driver assignments with a free driver app.

    An intuitive and easy-to-use UI

    Easy-to-use UI. Simple drag and drop routing and rescheduling, optimize in a single click, and beautiful map overview.

    Lower cost, faster delivery

    Designed to save you time and money on daily operations and managing your partners.

    We make onboarding with Yojee such a breeze, you’ll have no reason not to get started.

    We make onboarding with Yojee such a breeze, you’ll have no reason not to get started.

    See for yourself just how much money and time Yojee will save you and your team

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