Challenge: We had a customer who started using our mobile app to do their scanning but it was in a very low light environment. Because we weren’t able to go on-site due to COVID, we didn’t know the scan wasn’t going to work well in the lighting environment.
Solution: So, we quickly used the tools we had, communicated with our developers and had the flashlight on the phone turn on when you go to scan. We recoded that, pushed it out to the Google Play store and within 6 hours time, the driver was scanning using the flashlight on, all the scanning was fixed, and away we went.
At Yojee, we believe in having customer experience and success happening at pre-sales before contract signature. Our onboarding team are made up of logistics professionals, who:
  • Understand your business.
  • Know the value can be captured.
  • Will determine and exceed your objectives.
  • Shape the program to deliver value for your business.
Whether we’re in COVID or not, or remote or not, the success to onboarding is communication and making sure you keep coming back to and delivering on, your goals.
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