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Solving Supply Chain’s Most Difficult Problem

Investment Highlights

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  • Logistics subscription-based SaaS cloud platform (first through to last mile)
  • Transactional fee variable revenue upside based on parcel/container movements
  • South-East Asia Focus (due to unprecedented logistics demand and complexity in the region)
  • Strong Elixir technology platform, scalable and adaptable
  • Huge market opportunity into market segments (domestic bulk, long haul bulk, cross border/forwarding, last-mile/express)
  • Scaling business; agreements signed in the last year with two top 10 global 3PL logistics freight forwarders

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About Yojee

Yojee is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) logistics platform that seamlessly and uniquely manages, tracks and optimises freight movements along the entire logistics chain, from sender to end customer, across borders and between logistics providers (land, sea, air), with subcontractors and for multi-leg journeys. Rarely is a single carrier servicing an entire goods journey from sender to end customer, or exclusively using one type of transportation method. Yojee provides connectivity and more efficient planning along the entire journey. Yojee’s customers are predominantly third-party logistics providers (3PL) and logistics subcontractors (2PL) who benefit from:

  •     Managing, Tracking and Auditing goods movements. All job and location data is made easily accessible and can be shared with up and downstream providers end to end. Customers experience improved delivery windows.
  •     Route and schedule optimisation. Tracking data allows 2PL and 3PL operators to generate cost savings through Yojee’s powerful optimisation capability across vehicle selection, utilisation and routing.

Yojee’s solution is flexible and integrates seamlessly through API’s into existing logistics provider systems to access and share key data across part or all of the goods journey. The more segments that use Yojee, the more powerful it becomes. Yojee’s business is focused on APAC and is expanding rapidly. Yojee’s platform has evolved through recent technological developments in cloud-based computing and information processing capability. Yojee continues to develop its visibility, accountability and control solutions across the supply-chain. This will see smart information access and activation, providing logistics companies and agencies information such as location, size and weight data, and customs requirements that is timely, contextually accessible and highly secure.

Yojee services the logistics market at both the SME and enterprise levels with a focus on APAC and to date has signed multi-year enterprise level agreements with two top 10 global freight forwarders operating in the region.