How Yojee will bring the logistics industry into the 21st century

In today’s world, most Supply Chain logistics and delivery workflows are still managed using bulky Excel sheets and route planning still done manually or by using basic legacy planning software. We would like to thank TMT Analytics for providing this in-depth research report.

Digitising the logistics industry

Yojee’s goal is to bring the logistics industry into the 21st century by creating a logistics software that can connect logistics companies of different sizes to Yojee’s collaborative cross border logistics network. The software fully automates all logistics functions, including pickup and delivery planning, routing, payments, confirmations as well as finance and audit functions.

Modular deployment expedites customer onboarding

Currently, the software already consists of over 30 modules that can be configured for each customer individually. To name a few, e.g. real-time driver tracking, warehouse integration, cross docking, route optimization, job prediction and payment wallet.

Integration into customers’ existing software suites

Using API’s (Application Programming Interface) Yojee can also connect to customers’ existing supply chain software, such as Oracle and SAP, and take logistics jobs from these platforms.

The Yojee platform provides insight into business efficiency

Yojee customers have the ability to gain real-time insights of overall business efficiencies through the Yojee analytics dashboard, which helps users avoid capacity problems as well as improve their overall operational and delivery efficiency.


Real-time visibility of volumes in transit

Yojee customers can monitor volumes of shipment in real-time regardless of which company in the supply chain is carrying the freight, which can help them prepare for delivery, e.g. when doing capacity planning of last mile drivers.

AI-powered platform further drives efficiencies

Apart from digitising manual processes, Yojee’s software platform is also powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Blockchain technology that drive efficiencies and creates new opportunities for Yojee users.

The AI evaluates far more information than typical last mile technology, creating great cost savings and efficiencies. Through Yojee’s Smart Assign, Smart Dispatch and Smart Broadcast, the most suitable driver will be found for the job, based on a complex series of data points including proximity, existing route, availability and the capacity to complete the job.

Rolling out Blockchain including Smart Contracts for logistics

Blockchain and Smart Contracts fortifies Yojee’s technology to be some of the most secure logistics technology in the world. Records of transactions and freight movements regularly stored on the Blockchain are defendable from hacking and malpractice. Smart contracts automatically verify and execute various elements of a contract, reducing the administrative burden and resulting in cost savings for the parties involved.

Example: Using smart contracts, a freight forwarder in China may send multiple sea freight containers to multiple destinations in Europe using a local Chinese shipping company. Once confirmation is received that sea freight container A has cleared customs in port B, the smart contract will automatically transfer funds from the recipient to the sender.

Each party in the supply chain will have its own software suite with very limited integration opportunities that results in inefficiencies throughout the chain. On the other hand, Yojee’s logistics platform enables a seamless logistics software backbone throughout the chain in which customers can manage workflows intelligently and benefit improved resource and asset planning, route optimization and tracking.


Selling software into the logistics industry

To this end, Yojee is actively selling to individual companies of all sizes throughout the chain, such as airlines, freight forwarders, express delivery companies, shipping companies and trucking companies, many of which are SME’s and global operators.

Read the full report by TMT Analytics at https://yojee.com/uploads/research.pdf.