Preparations your online store should be doing for the holiday season

The holiday season is going into full swing and so should preparations for your e-commerce business. Here are some tips to help.

1) Plan your return delivery options

It’s not common that some friends are better gifters than others and we may receive gifts we do not like. Create a fuss-free and easy gift return delivery option for your customers, it’s an excellent service recovery method and it helps the receiving party to find something else they love from your store! Who knows, they may end up being a loyal returning customer.

2) Educate your customers to manage their expectations

54% of online shoppers abandon their purchases if the delivery options offered do not meet their expectations. This holiday season, keep your customers well informed of your Christmas delivery timings. Publish the cut of date for purchase on your website at least a week in advance for items to arrive before Christmas. Christmas presents delivered on time before Christmas makes for happy returning customers.

Source: PR Newswire

3) Plan out promotional campaigns

It’s not too late to create promotional campaigns nearing Christmas. If you’ve missed the bulk of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, there are many last minute shoppers that you can target promotions to. Customers in a rush to purchase last minute Christmas presents are less likely to think twice when making a purchase.

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