The leading social network in Asia connecting brands with influencers, creators and tastemakers.

Yojee has a variety of businesses on its Yojee Network, in this feature we will be introducing one of them, Clozette. Influencers, creators and tastemakers are connected to brands with the help from Clozette. Their daily operations often bring about multiple documents in need of a courier service almost daily. Yojee provides Clozette with express and same day delivery services that ensure smooth day-to-day operations for Clozette and access to a vast network of on-demand couriers, proving to be the most suitable delivery partner each time they click “Send Now”.

Content creation is crucial in today’s business world, to scale up your business or e-commerce platform is to consistently push out quality content that engages your users with your brand. Meet Clozette, the queen of content creation for women.


Fashion, beauty, travel and everything a woman needs to know, you can find on Clozette. No doubt you will always be able to find a tip or two for every women out there. With the extraordinarily curated content, it’s no wonder woman fall so seamlessly into an endless scrolling on Clozette’s platform without feeling bombarded by ads from brands to buy their products.

Want to learn their secret? Spoiler alert, Clozette shares their secret recipe for creating great content.

Can you tell us more about Clozette?

Clozette is an award-winning women’s social content platform that delivers the hottest news and the latest community trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. It’s a digital ecosystem where content, community and commerce converge to enable brands to engage creatively with consumers and tastemakers. Clozette operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Japan, and offers brands content creation, distribution and amplification services through our regional network of influencers, creators and advocates. Our clients include some of the most-loved brands in the world. Clozette is invested by Walden International and Phillip Private Equity.

As a content platform, how does Yojee help your business?

Working with Yojee, we can always count on their efficient customer service and great value. The nature of our business often requires urgent work—such as last minute deliveries to clients — therefore we expect a courier like Yojee that is accommodating to our needs and can deliver well. Happy clients mean more business for Clozette.

How do you advise businesses to go about introducing branded content to their customers?

First, ensure that you fully understand your brand’s philosophy and attributes as well as the benefits provided by your products or services. Second, identify and work with content creators who already have a natural affinity with your brand values. This way, despite the content created being branded, it remains authentic and believable to your customers.


What is the secret sauce to growing your loyal social network?

As with any businesses, the key is providing value to the users. We ensure that the users we attract are like-minded and that the content we create—whether branded or not—are informative, entertaining, educational, inspiring and actionable.

Roger Yuen created Asia’s leading women’s social network platform and this is very interesting. Can you tell us more about how it came about?

Roger is a serial entrepreneur, so he’s always thinking of new ideas. Clozette—while it caters to women—essentially is a new media business where we help brands engage with consumers and tastemakers on our digital ecosystem; an idea that draws on his experience as a pioneer in the digital media business dating to the mid 1990s.

We would like to thank Clozette and the team for sharing their story.

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