Large National Logistics Association Chooses Yojee as Partner

Yojee has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU or the Agreement) with the Indonesian Logistics and Freight Forwarders Association (ILFA) to be the preferred software provider of the association. This will enable Yojee to gain access to and support from ILFA to sell and market Yojee Software to its members along with a significant opportunity rapidly grow the Yojee Network in Indonesia. The logistics industry in Indonesia alone is worth USD$250 billion annually and is growing at double figure percentages1.

The Agreement between ILFA and Yojee was possible due to Yojee’s unique technological capability, which not only powers and optimises an individual business, but amongst other things enables seamless digital collaboration between companies by allowing the allocation of jobs to empty capacity or legs in real-time to suitable participants within the Yojee Network. This supports ILFA members in forming a national freight network with real-time tracking through the use of proprietary Yojee software.

One of the company’s differentiators in the market is its ability to manage an entire supply chain movement across a range of companies and sectors with one, journey-wide, tracking link viewable in real-time. This means that all participants, contractors and stakeholders in a freight movement have real-time updates, contextual chat communication and the seamless ability to handover responsibility of a job to the next participant. The technology is transforming the operator and customer experience for logistics services and is highly desired in the market.

Yukki Nugrahawan, Chairman of ILFA said, “We have monitored Yojee’s entrance into Indonesia, spoken to its customers and discovered that the technology is far more advanced than we expected. The ability to work seamlessly through technology with subcontractors and partners on top of its fantastic business optimisation capabilities made us believe this is the future of logistics, and as an Association we have been looking for such revolutionary technology to unite us in the e-logistics market for some time. We would love to see the digitisation of our 3200 members and provide them with opportunities for more work, whilst giving the global and Indonesian market access to a national supply chain of experienced and trusted participants backed by ILFA itself.”

Yojee Managing Director Ed Clarke said, “This is a fantastic step forward in the strong relationships we have been building in Indonesia, and a model that is replicable in other markets. As a company we have a number of competitive advantages with our technology through Artificial Intelligence that enables us to be incredibly empowering and provide amazing efficiencies to businesses and markets, which has led to enormous unsolicited demand.”

“We are managing our pipeline of opportunities against our strategic priorities to build a platform for rapid growth and viral adoption. We are have recently welcomed a new country manager in Indonesia to capitalise on this partnership and other opportunities in the country. The company is establishing a really strong position in the market and is looking forward to working through these large opportunities.”

1 https://www.spireresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/SpirE-Journal-Q4-2016_The-ASEAN-logistics-industry_A-growing-connectivity-hub.pdf

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