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No Nonsense Skin Care, Made For Good Days And Bad Days. Delivered When You Need It.

The skin is a constantly evolving and complex organ. Professional consultation and understanding of the skin are required. After all, sometimes our face is oily, and sometimes it’s not.

Why did Laponie choose to team up with Yojee? How does Yojee help your business?

Efficient service is a must in today’s market as clients expect a certain level of service. We are glad that we found Yojee and that they have been able to provide the service and speed of response that our clients desire.

Tell us more about Laponie?

Laponie (S) Pte Ltd was first incorporated in 1979 as a private limited company under the Companies Act of Singapore to trade in beauty products. The Company’s primary activity has been marketing skincare and body-care products to professional aestheticians and doctors working in Beauty Salons, Spas, Specialist Treatment Centers, exclusive Cosmetic Shops and Clinics.

Laponie (S) Pte Ltd, together with its associate companies, holds exclusive distribution rights in Singapore, Malaysia and the South East Asian regions for many prestigious brands of skincare and body-care products. Among these brands are Filorga, Jyunka, and Maria Galland from France, and Salcura from the United Kingdom. In Singapore, the Company’s clients are approximately 150 aesthetics salons, slimming centres, spas and specialist treatment centres and 20 medical clinics.

What are some hurdles you face?

The first hurdle is expectations. Clients are often over promised and the treatments or products are inevitably under delivered. This creates a subconscious disillusionment that is very difficult to overcome. The skin and muscles are living organisms. Therefore healing, growth and changes happen only over time.

At Laponie, we work with trusted brands that can change and improve the skin as well as deal with underlying skin problems. All in a quick, efficient and non-harming manner that helps the skin get better with time.

The second hurdle is the clutter of marketing information available. The beauty industry is highly competitive with many brands, salons, clinics and treatments. It is an ongoing struggle to get the attention of the end user. When we do, we have to educate them on what to expect and how they can achieve optimal skin care results.

How do you decide which ingredients go into your skin care products?

They must fit into three criteria.

Firstly, they must work. To do so, they must be pure, concentrated and active.

Secondly, they must be safe. Many active ingredients provide very fast and even immediate results. However they may lead to long-term thinning, sensitising and/or harming of the skin’s construct. This can never be the case for Laponie products.

Finally, the technology must be able to deliver these ingredients to where the skin needs it. This is not so much the choice of ingredients, but the ability to bring the ingredients deep into the skin.

Combining these 3 points allows us to begin treating, improving and changing the skin’s conditions.

What is the thought process you had when creating your core line?

The process of reflection was: Product – People – Brand – Direction

There are many brands out there, and often brands only come to us when they want to enter into this market.

  • Product: We study and evaluate the products. Do they work? Are they safe?

  • People: We looked at the people behind the brands. Are they ethical? Are they more interested in revenue or market share? Why are they in this business?

  • Brand: The image, type and style of the brand are also important. What market do they target and how they are perceived?

  • Direction: Once they have passed all three criteria, we evaluate to ensure that the direction of the business is in line with ours.

What exciting plans do you have for Laponie?

Laponie intends to expand on two fronts. Firstly, through our partner Leshoppe we hope to increase the availability and ease of ordering and to get the necessary products quickly.


At the same time, in partnership with our newly launched Jyunka Concept Centre, we intend to establish a personalised and truly professional way of working on your skin’s needs.

Here are the other brands Laponie distributes:


Natural Skin Care Products For Eczema, Psoriasis & Acne


A world of exclusive skin care that is more than skin deep.


Professional Skin Care.

We would like to thank Laponie for sharing their story.

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