Yojee Races Past 20,000kg of Parcel Movement


  • Yojee has moved over 20,000kg of parcel freight in its first 6 months.

  • 133% increase in parcel volume in the June Quarter when compared to the March Quarter.

  • Enhanced technology, express delivery and strong support from delivery partners fuelling organic growth.

  • Positive adoption of Yojee Network bodes well for rapidly scalable regional objectives as well as software sales where carriers enjoy the ‘bonus’ of additional delivery work from the Yojee Network pushed through to software.

Yojee Limited (ASX: YOJ) introduces new methods of communication and collaboration across the entire supply chain. Yojee best-in-class logistics software utilises Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to optimise and manage fleets, open to any business at an affordable rate on a monthly recurring license fee model.

On top of Software, Yojee offers everyone an opportunity to join the World’s first collaborative cross border logistics Yojee Network which connects shippers, carriers and freight forwarders in seconds, with already tens of thousands of kilograms of freight moving through the network.

Following on from the 4th May 2017 announcement, ‘Yojee Network Experiencing Widespread Adoption’, the company is pleased to advise that it has surpassed 20,000kg of parcel freight movements since commencing operations just 6 months ago with new customers coming on board daily. The 6 months has included months of beta testing, piloting and then commencing full operations in recent months.

The rapid adoption is an extremely positive sign, and is a great early stage result before Yojee offers live API based connections to corporate senders and large scale ecommerce companies. The API enables an automatic and realtime push of jobs from websites or technology platforms, essentially meaning Yojee can offer high volume express delivery to its customers.

Customers are enjoying real-time notifications via SMS, app and web based status updates on jobs, instant invoicing and digital payment options along with a number of delivery types from 3 hour to next day at competitive price points.

Yojee anticipates to continue its growth trajectory throughout the year with larger companies joining the network and the commencement of deliveries in other countries.

Yojee is a publicly-listed company. See our up-to-date ASX announcements here.