Yojee Software Update


  • Yojee Software tested to analyse over 1.25 billion job possibilities in 1.8 seconds to find optimal routes and assign jobs to vehicles in real-time.
  • Results achieve significant increases in vehicle and labour efficiencies benefiting Yojee software customers - sample modelling achieving 23% decrease in number of vehicles required to complete jobs compared to non-Artificial Intelligence powered system.
  • Implementation of Digital Control Tower to provide a new level of control and visibility to senders, e-commerce companies and logistics companies.
  • Launch of Software Simulator to support the company in sales meetings to significantly reduce time required between first meeting and onboarding as paid customer.


Yojee Limited (Yojee or the Company) (ASX: YOJ) is pleased to advise of the following updates in relation to the Yojee Software Platform (Yojee Software), which now incorporates a logistics management software module for an affordable monthly fee to clients, irrespective of their size and scale of operations. Internal Company research and analysis has identified over 430 potential customers in Australia alone that can leverage the benefits and efficiencies of the Yojee Software. The Company continues to pursue a strong sales pipeline in conjunction with existing flagship Asian based customers such as Raja Pindah and Lion Group, one of South East Asia’s largest airline and delivery fleets.

Yojee Software continues to perform as expected with Company board and management actively working towards the conversion of early Memorandums of Understandings (MOU) to definitive ongoing customer engagements. Popink, the fulfillment company behind the Flybuys program, Australia’s largest loyalty program, is now close to commencing operations to move parcels through the sender management tool within the Yojee Digital Control Tower. This manages and provides greater visibility on carriers within the Yojee Network. Customers spending above $1,000,000 a year on distribution and delivery will have the potential to move their logistics spend to the Yojee Network to gain further cost savings. The Company expects to attract a number of these companies to the network in the short to mid-term.

A combination of Yojee Software and the Digital Control Tower enable nationwide sending at wholesale rates allowing cost benefits against the legacy and major nationwide delivery partners through far better trackability. The Company sells its Yojee Software to both sender and carrier, capturing a commission on every parcel moved through the network, all managed by autonomous artificial intelligence technology.

Easy to Use, Artificial Intelligence (AI) managed Autonomous Interface

The Company has continued to optimise its interface, to enable absolute simplicity. Yojee Software is intuitive, autonomously managed and requires very little human interaction. This will result in a significant reduction to the headcount requirements for operations and customer service to manage a logistics business, creating substantial operational savings alongside freight efficiencies.


Route and Asset (Vehicle) Optimisation

The Route optimisation algorithms with machine learning capabilities suggest the best driver for each job using both current and historical data, based on more than 30 criteria. This means that the delivery plan is updated in real-time for changes in the status of any job or driver in order to contemplates the relevant circumstances. This form of real time, optimal and flexible fleet management represents unparalleled potential within the logistics market.


During one particular test of the algorithm with data provided by an independent large volume freight company tested two scenarios, 100 best assets selected by Yojee AI vs all 5000 assets using the company’s traditional job allocation method. The results showed that with over 1.25 billion possibilities analysed in under 1.8 seconds, the Yojee AI successfully reduced the total algorithm runtime by almost 100 times over the standard non AI system and the AI System completed the jobs with 23% less vehicles (54) with the route only 2.14% longer than with the non AI systems 74 vehicles used.

Sales Enhancing Software Simulator

The Sales Enhancing Software Simulator (Simulator) has been added allowing companies to test the value of the Yojee Software, where the Operator can manage virtual workers placed on real-time map environments within cities worldwide. This will allow Yojee Business Development team to accurately estimate the cost benefits and scalability potential for each customer and suggest the return on investment (ROI).

The Simulator also analyses historical delivery data and provides a prediction of efficiency gains to the customer or potential customer. Early simulation findings include outcomes where two less vehicles are needed per day for a small courier company. This represents significant cost savings and supports the high ROI that can be potentially achieved.

Digital Sender Control Tower

Yojee Software has recently added a Control Tower feature which gives full control over job details and status to anyone sending freight through the Yojee Network. This allows for real-time tracking and communication between the sender & carrier, carrier & driver giving Yojee a competitive advantage over legacy freight networks on both sender side and carrier side.


Yojee is a publicly-listed company. See our up-to-date ASX announcements here.