Yojee To Transform The Delivery Of Puma Sports Goods

  • Nationwide Australian distribution model utilising transformational digital control tower
  • Utilising Yojee software to optimise product distribution channels
  • Offers companies the opportunity through Yojee to further spread distribution reach across Australia and South East Asia capturing significant software and freight revenue streams for Yojee

Yojee steps into the $3.5 billion Australian sporting goods market.

“Yojee software gives us a level of control and visibility I’ve never seen before and will allow us to scale up our logistics presence by utilising and integrating with multiple warehouse branches into the Yojee logistics network.” Said OS PUMA Managing Director Patrick Spagnolo.

At such an early stage of Yojee operations, this agreement with such an established organisation serves as validation of the ability to perform and provide value and create cost efficiencies at large scale, while creating new growth opportunities for its partners and customers.

The rapidly growing Yojee network will be used to deliver OS PUMA goods nationwide, creating further opportunities for nationwide adoption of Yojee software which through market-leading algorithms and extremely intuitive software optimises existing operations, generates internal efficiencies, increases productivity and cost savings for carriers. The licensed software provides access to new revenue for carriers with empty legs or empty space in ‘going there anyway’ legs by completing jobs for companies looking to send freight and parcels such as OS PUMA, offered in real-time by Yojee artificial intelligence software.

“We are in the early days of digitally transforming a very traditional industry without any capital expenditure however traction has already been outstanding. We have built software that provides senders with more transparency and control, carriers with much greater efficiency and opportunity for revenue and a self-fulfilling market of supply and demand where lean supply chains with very low overheads provide a cost-effective alternative to legacy national and international post organisations and carriers. Also, the recipient has real-time tracking on each delivery, and we are closing in on our goal of 30-minute delivery windows to end the era of painful recipient experiences of 24 hour or 6 hour delivery windows which means no more waiting all day for a parcel.” said Yojee Managing Director Ed Clarke.

First released at http://www.asx.com.au//asxpdf/20170627/pdf/43k6tlw7xp9d9x.pdf

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