Instant Gratification Economy: Yojee

Ever wondered what instant gratification is all about? Well, this is basically the type of delivery that is based on immediate demand. In a situation where a client places an order based on Immediate demand and the seller supplies the same in a matter of minutes, if not hours, then that amounts to instant gratification economy. It is the mechanism whose prime role is to ensure that clients are satisfied by all means. Time is always a factor when it comes to ordering products online.

Whether you will order from a certain supplier or not majorly depends on the duration that it took them to deliver what you had ordered. It is at this very juncture that instant gratification economy comes in.

Instant gratification has been the trend all this while. That is how investors out there manage to hit a competitive edge. Yojee is not left behind in this. Since inception, the company has been working tooth and nail just to ensure that clients are well served in regards to the instant gratification principle.

So far, majority of those served by Yojee have nothing but maximum gratitude due to the immediate delivery that takes place upon ordering. If you have a product that you wish to order online and are not sure where to get it, Yojee is the right place for you. Over the years, it has always been our aim to deliver products within the shortest time possible.

Imagine the experience of ordering a product and having it delivered to your address in just a matter of 3 hours. Isn’t that a great thing? This is what Yojee is all about. It is focused on ensuring nothing but instant gratification for you. It is no longer the trend of waiting for too long before you have your item delivered to your address. Things have changed and now it is just a matter of hours. Yes! Just a few hours and you will have your order delivered.

So, What Facilitates Instant Gratification Economy For Yojee?

Yojee has invested much in ensuring that each and every person who orders a product gets it within the shortest time possible. Among the things that you will love about Yojee include:

  • Payment Mode: To ensure that you place your order fast and that your product is delivered within a very short time, Yojee has provided a variety of payment methods. Among the payment modes that you can opt for include MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. With 3 options, you will be at liberty to choose the most ideal one for you. All the 3 options do not require long procedure to confirm your payment. It is just a matter of minutes and your Yojee order will be placed. If you are a business sender monthly billing will be set up for you.

  • Delivery Within Hours: We remain as real practitioners of instant gratification economy. Yojee’s sole aim is to deliver right after your order. So far, we have managed to maintain the trend of delivering our services in a matter of 3 hours. No other merchant out there can offer you delivery in such a short span. In this regard, it is you who can delay your order. We have the right mechanism to deliver what you have ordered in just a short moment.

  • Most Reliable Operation Time: Yojee has provided all clients with ample time for placing orders. From Monday to Saturday, Yojee provides its delivery services from 10 am to 10 pm. This implies that once you place your order within the said duration, you can have your items delivered in just 3 hours.

We understand that some of the items that you require may be urgent. We also understand that what you are seeking is super-fast delivery. As such, we stop at nothing in ensuring that our services are at your full disposal. You can seek our services within our 10 hours of operation every day.

  • Delivery All Over Singapore: Perhaps you are wondering if Yojee is in a position to deliver products to your address anywhere across Singapore. The bold answer to that is that Yojee does not discriminate any of the locations in Singapore.

All you need is to place your order from any place of your choice and Yojee will deliver that for you. Our schedule is too prompt such that you will not have to wait longer than 3 hours. With the help of our instant gratification economy, we are able to deliver our services to any place within the stipulated duration (not more than 3 hours).

  • Delivery Right After Ordering: Our principle is very simple. It is all about instant gratification economy and delivery. Once you place your order, the delivery process is instigated right away. This means that you may not have the chance to change the delivery time after you have placed your order. Our aim is to make sure that the primary policy of quick delivery is achieved by all means.

However, there is the chance to dictate the time that you wish to get your ordered item. This is made possible through the friendly customer support that Yojee features. If, for instance, you have a birthday party, you can call the Yojee support and request that your product be delivered within a defined duration. Yojee support promises everything to ensure that you have been assisted in regards to delivery time of your product.

  • Simultaneous Delivery of Products: You could be wondering if it is possible to deliver several products to different locations with the help of Yojee. Yes you can! Each parcel is delivered as an independent order. This means that upon placing your order, you will have each parcel delivered to the stipulated location in a matter of hours. There will be absolutely no delay as a result of placing several orders from one person.

There is absolutely no doubt that all aspects of Yojee’s operation are in regards to Instant Gratification economy. There is absolutely no reason for you to seek services from other places when we can deliver what you want in just a short moment. Your demand is always our priority.

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