Yojee Presents the Power of Knowledge

A well-informed customer is a happy customer. It may seem counter-intuitive to give customers too much information but this communication is key to managing expectations – and managing expectations is pivotal to customer satisfaction. Yojee puts this customer service ethos at the heart of our user experience development.

Welcome to Yojee’s Customer App, where seamless communication is integrated into a beautiful and intuitive interface: a holistic and streamlined experience for Senders, Carriers and Recipients alike.

Good and memorable customer service can guarantee customers’ loyalty. A customer who is made to feel in control and whose expectations are set is a happy customer. Read how to meet these expectations using the seven C’s of Customer Service, under the Yojee + YOU section.

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Feature Innovation

The Customer and Delivery Partner app has inbuilt chat integration that enables Senders, Carriers and Recipients to communicate seamlessly – without releasing private details of either parties. Senders and Recipients will have the added benefit of having access to a real-time countdown timer so they are informed every step of the way.

Countdown Timer

Yojee + YOU

There are seven C’s that last-mile delivery companies want to achieve to ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  1. Choice – allowing customers to choose when, where and how they receive deliveries
  2. Certainty – enabling customers to track their deliveries real-time and to know exactly when their pickups and/or deliveries will happen
  3. Communication – keeping customers informed every step of the way
  4. Control – giving customers the ability to make changes to a delivery and to communicate live with carriers
  5. Convenience – making it easy for everyone – senders, carriers and receivers – to manage and monitor jobs throughout the delivery life-cycle
  6. Confidence – instilling trust and assurance that a service standard will be met
  7. Cost-efficiency – letting customers feel that they are getting value for money

What if there was a single platform that seamlessly integrates these 7 C’s to give customers an awesome experience?

Good news. There is. It’s called Yojee.