Yojee Creates Octo+ to Enhance the Last-Mile Delivery Process

Yojee’s Last-Mile Delivery pilot programme is well under way and we are working hard to enhance our platform ready for launch! Our design-led approach to development allows us to be agile with our technology and Pilot feedback is crucial to this process. We try to develop a deep understanding of needs then work to problem-solve, rapidly prototyping to come up with useful solutions.

This methodology has resulted in a new feature on the Yojee platform, Octo+.

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Feature Innovation

Octo+ allows drivers to manage individual jobs – even within a multi-leg delivery – changing the traditional delivery model of fulfilling deliveries chronologically. More flexibility means higher revenue potential within shorter time frames.

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How technological innovation is solving problems for Logistics Service Providers – Part 2

In Yojee’s last newsletter we pointed out three key strategies that logistics service providers ought to consider implementing in order to remain nimble enough to successfully compete in today’s challenging last-mile delivery segment:

  1. Real-time electronic tracking & communication
  2. Route optimization
  3. Incentivised scheduling

In this edition, we tackle Incentivised Scheduling and introduce a fourth strategy, Collaboration. A growing number of logistics providers agree that collaboration with other companies – even competitors – can achieve cost- and service improvements: a ‘collaborative network’ provides companies with the capability to scale operations up or down in line with demand.

Incentivised Scheduling

Tightened capacity, regulations, and labour shortages have led to an increase in co-mingling of freight, load-sharing and outsourced delivery partners. The challenge is to keep control of the delivery process whilst maintaining high service levels. Technology offers a solution: users can keep connected to drivers and final touch points, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience.

How Yojee solves for Incentivised Scheduling

Yojee offers unprecedented yet controlled visibility to all parties involved in the last-mile delivery chain. Within the holistic Yojee system senders can choose tight pickup / delivery windows; logistics providers can manage and control their fleet; Octo+ allows drivers to flexibly manage deliveries; recipients are kept abreast of delivery times; all parties receive secure proof of jobs, pickup & deliveries, as required.


Technology results in greater capacity integration. This enables service providers to look not only across their own customer base but, with the advent of ‘collaborative networks’, seek out synergies with others to create a shared logistics ecosystem that will prove beneficial to the entire last-mile community – both carriers and shippers. Data generated from such collaboration can be vital in allowing companies to make strategic, information-driven decisions.

How Yojee solves for Collaboration

Yojee offers a collaborative logistics ecosystem. This shared network facilitates access by enabling companies to expand their existing delivery capabilities. To illustrate: access to Yojee’s platform means a previously Jakarta-only delivery company can fulfil deliveries from Jakarta to Surabaya and beyond by using Yojee’s collaborative network.

Yojee’s network currently stands at 32,000+ vehicles and close to 600 warehouses across Australia and seven countries in SE Asia.

The State of Logistics Outsourcing: 2016 Third-Party Logistics Study