Changing the Game: Why Yojee Adopted Blockchain to Transform an Industry

Yojee is the product of the best technology can offer to support the logistics industry. It’s a powerful combination of Big Data and machine learning that enables the sharing and collaboration of global carriers to support the smaller operators.

Our company Yojee is daring to push an industry into the future by employing a technology that promises to do to e-commerce and supply chain, what banks did for money. It’s the cornerstone of modern commerce and will radically transform parcel delivery and supply chain management.

The technology we use is the much hyped, but little understood ‘blockchain’. What we love about it is its ability to create the things that are largely missing in supply chain - transparency and trust. In supply chain, a transaction often happens between people who don’t know each other, for goods with a claimed origin, that are moved by a company using subcontractors to a recipient who offers to pay within a set amount of days, but often doesn’t. It’s a big problem that needs solving urgently.

Blockchain, although complex, is a simple idea ushering in the second generation of the Internet. It is a peer-to-peer distributed ledger technology for a new generation of transactional applications. The technology is a radical rethinking of how we transact—as well as how we verify key facts such as ownership (I have $100, they have Champagne), reputation (historical reviews of the seller, the buyer and the shipper), location (did my champagne begin its journey in France) and payment (cleared on proof of delivery by blockchain). This makes peer-to-peer transactions a reality and safer than ever before, shifting power right back to small and medium businesses.

The Yojee blockchain platform turns a very secretive, siloed and low-trust supply chain environment into a high-trust and fully visible and unambiguous one.

We acknowledge that blockchain has had its fair share of critics and naysayers, but we are convinced that it has the potential to transform business, government and society because it can cut both cost and time from transactions, whilst ensuring integrity and trust between strangers and support a whole host of breakthrough applications. It removes the need for financial intermediaries and this is quite significant. It can change the world.

It’s really encouraging to see a more rational conversation starting to emerge and big companies putting their weight behind its adoption. Why? Because people are just beginning to understand that this technology can create a more prosperous world where everything is decentralized and people get to participate and then prosper from the value they create. That’s the shared value, collaborative economy philosophy in our own DNA at Yojee.

We know we are onto a good thing because over 25,000 vehicles and 450 warehouses have already registered to our platform and they are all saying “I want to be a part of this” so it should be no surprise that we are really excited about what we are creating.

Yojee is about offering access and value and creating opportunity and efficiency for the small to mid-size players. Blockchain brings transparency to that process and that breeds confidence. In fact it has been described as a “platform for truth and trust.” It is without a doubt a game changer and Yojee wants to change the game.