A lack Of visibility in your logistics management is damaging your customer experience

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Supply chain visibility is among the top strategic priorities for companies and is fundamental to improved customer experience. We hear this from businesses and the customers we speak with almost every day.

But, why is visibility so valuable?

We’ve seen time and time again that increased visibility across the supply chain can help your company enhance their customers’ experience. This is achieved by their improved ability to make faster, smarter, and more strategic business decisions that lead to better customer outcomes.

Over the years, we’ve seen visibility help businesses:

  • Make smart real-time business decisions
  • Improve customer experience
  • Streamline operational efficiencies
  • Reduce business costs and on-costs
  • Improve carrier experiences

Just to name a few…

So can you really afford to be left in the dark due to a lack of visibility?

In this blog, we want to help you discover how much visibility your supply chain currently has.

We look at how innovative technologies can help you add visibility to your logistics processes, so you can effectively monitor, strengthen, and optimise your supply chain, and improve your operation while delivering better customer experience.


We’ve identified some key factors that you need to consider when assessing how much overall visibility you have over your supply chain.

Assess your distribution costs:

  • What is your overall efficiency of moving goods? Are more profitable routes possible and how can they best be identified?
  • How much time (and money) are you spending each day on route planning?
  • How strong is your reliance on expensive manual processes?
  • Are you paid in full at the time of delivery?

Review your tracking issues:

  • How do you manage your drivers?
  • How do you manage your capacity schedules?
  • How much time are you spending trying to track external/third parties?
  • Where is it, when, and how? And if it is delayed can you pinpoint why?
  • Are you currently relying on manual processes such as phone calls or WhatsApp to track driver location?

Focus on your data accuracy:

  • Having accurate data is no longer a competitive advantage – it’s the price of admission.
  • Can you utilise delivery and ETA data to improve performance?
  • Are you finding you’re receiving a large number of disputes at the delivery point?
  • How do you track completed Delivery Orders and how does that feed into your invoicing process?
  • Can you automate, digitise or streamline your invoicing process?


Technology platforms allow you to efficiently address visibility constraints in each of the key areas outlined above.

In fact, adopting and integrating the right software will enable you to make smart real-time business decisions, vastly improving the customer experience, and can help boost your supply chain visibility in a number of ways:

Carrier experience:

  • Map truck movements precisely and use that visibility to proactively make changes
  • Generate accurate ETAs and receive instant delivery confirmations
  • Improve trust, especially in evolving markets such as Asia where there is a heavy reliance on multiple signatories and outdated paperwork processes

Operational efficiency:

  • Reduce your logistics and fulfilment costs between 5 and 15 percent of costs
  • Reduce movement costs by identifying and using more profitable routes
  • Get paid in full and on time for your deliveries
  • Win more work because you have the right technology mix

Customer expectations:

  • The ability to plan labour needs across multiple locations by knowing exactly when goods will arrive
  • Avoid dispute charges
  • Avoid dissatisfied customers
  • Stop losing clients due to poor outcomes or a perceived lack of visibility and transparency


Implementing the right technology platform with the right partner can transform your organisation’s visibility over its supply chain.

You will be able to react to real-time data and predict and optimise processes based on data-driven business insights. You will vastly improve driver management and scheduling so that deliveries are optimised and you have proper oversight over what’s happening at every point in the delivery chain. These improvements ultimately lead to improved customer experience, satisfaction, retention, and hopefully profits!

About Yojee

Helping businesses overcome their complex supply chain challenges has always been Yojee’s core value. We connect land freight players through our proprietary platform, providing supply chain visibility and enabling seamless communication between shippers and their customers.

Since our founding in 2016, we have worked alongside the world’s largest 3PLs, global freight forwarders, transportation companies, and brand owners to develop logistics solutions that meet their first-mile and last-mile delivery needs. 
How Yojee stands out from other logistics providers is our multi-carrier management feature, which allows collaboration between land freight players to meet demands. Coupled with our last mile delivery app for drivers, logistics providers can now efficiently move freight from point A to point B with optimal resource usage. We do all this with one goal in mind: fewer carbon emissions and sustainability.

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