27 March 2020


The current situation is making us all think about how we can reduce direct contact with those around us.  In some instances, people will have to venture outside, to perform essential work, to shop for food, or look after the family, but the overriding message at the moment from most governments is to stay home.


As such people are looking for ways to continue to be able to run their businesses, without necessarily being physically present.


Global supply chains need to be able to function now more than ever, with essential supplies such as masks, pharmaceuticals, and food needs to reach people around the world.


At the same time, the hand sanitiser and medical supplies are in high demand, people are increasingly ordering goods to their homes, so while some sectors are experiencing disruption and downturn, areas like last mile are seeing more demand than usual.


So some of us are simultaneously being asked to deliver more while keeping as much distance as possible.


This is leading people to look to technology to help them work remotely, reduce the need for contact by going from paper documents to digital documents, and track the movements of their drivers.  From video calling to taking photos of delivered packages, rather than taking physical delivery notes, or signing on glass.


Furthermore, as typically sufficient supply chain infrastructure starts to feel the strain, logistics providers are looking to find easy and safe ways to collaborate in order to meet demand.


Different countries are at different stages in terms of their response to the crisis, but all companies should be thinking about the following things:


  • Maintain a dialogue with major stakeholders (Clients, staff, directors, investors etc.) on key decisions as they happen
  • Have employees work from home where possible
  • Ensure all workplaces are as sanitary as possible
  • Asses SOPs to identify potential to reduce human contact protocol
  • Change from using paper documents to digital documents where possible


We will be monitoring the situation closely and will be delivering more content around what companies can be doing to make the best of this trying time.

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