25 March 2020


With the escalating events during this Coronavirus outbreak. World leaders are implementing emergency policies in hopes to flatten out their COVID-19 curve. Social distancing, travel restrictions, remote working, stopping of non-essential work and businesses, and for some even going into full lockdown.


With these policies set in place, these have caused problems for all businesses, especially SMEs. For most SMEs, it’s no longer business as usual as the impact of these policies is far-reaching. With many SMEs forced to shut their doors temporarily or worst, shutting it permanently, many are facing uncertain times ahead.


Despite the uncertainties, communities still need access to essential things like food, medicines and other essential products. More often than not, these goods, and the delivery of these goods, are provided by SMEs. SMEs owners or decision-makers are scrambling to find ways for their businesses to adapt their operation to ensure that critical business operations are still being met.


At Yojee, we have successfully helped companies transform and automate their operational workflow as they adapt to this current situation. The good news is setting up is simple, and we have enough people here to help guide you the whole way. What surprises us was that we had experienced a request for help and support from everyone from Hairdressers, Beauticians, Car Washes and many other business types from the one we ordinarily accustomed to. All with a common goal to still connect with their customers.

Some of the things we managed to do for these companies were:

  • Dispatch jobs to drivers remotely.
  • Electronic proof of delivery means no paper needs to change hands.
  • Record every delivery digitally.
  • Assure all their customers by providing them real-time information

and for some, connecting them to the right companies that can help meet all their critical business goals.


We have a team of experts on call to provide guidance through this time and in some cases, make introductions who can help them to achieve their business goals.


Simply connect with us by clicking on the button below and we will help you through this difficult time.



We will be monitoring the situation closely and will be delivering more content around what companies can be doing to make the best of this trying time.