26 July 2019


One of the most important ideas we have adopted as a company is that we must approach each business development meeting as a search for a meaningful partnership that will help both parties grow their businesses.


With the logistics space being so diverse, there is no cookie cutter approach that will yield any meaningful results.  So it is important to work with people who understand the way you work.


This is not to say that we are creating bespoke software for every company, in fact we are as confident as ever about our ‘off the shelf’ product.  The personalisation involves working with companies to identify how our feature suite can be mapped against how they do business, and how they could do business more effectively as a result of working with us.


We have developed a scoping process that enables our Business Development Teams to work alongside companies to map out their existing processes, identify opportunities for improvement, and clearly demonstrate how and where Yojee can add value, save time, and enable higher returns on assets.


In doing this we make it clear to our potential partners that we understand in a meaningful way how their business operates, the key components (assets, hubs, subcontractors, etc.), and what dynamics are at play.  Only then do we move on to identify their opportunities for improvement, and the best way to execute on a roll-out of our software.


It was part of the reason alongside our unique technology that we secured a 3 year agreement with the world’s number 7 freight forwarder, Geodis.


Reach out to our team now to see how we could partner up and help your business grow.