6 November 2017



Meet Anita. She used to be a Qualitative Researcher but found her true calling in repurposing expensive or preloved vintage fabric pieces into ‘forever souvenirs’. Fabricate was created with the vision to recreate and repurpose forgotten items.

How did Fabricate start out?

It all started with a wine spill on a beautiful silk saree 25 years ago. It was a bright and richly hued Kanjeevaram saree that was part of my wedding trousseau that I was saving for my son’s first birthday. Despite thorough dry cleaning efforts, it remained tucked in the wardrobe, too precious to throw and too ruined to wear.

One day I had an epiphany moment, I thought what if I could reuse this beautiful saree into something else? Today, it’s been transformed into a lovely skirt ensemble that holds a reminder of my early motherhood days.

You mentioned that the Yojee courier was courteous and prompt, why do you think it’s essential for small businesses to be appropriately represented?

Small businesses rely heavily on great user experiences and positive word of mouth. It is the most significant endorsement we can receive. In a cluttered marketplace, only a lasting impression can set you apart from other competitors. The products we deliver often represent great memories that are irreplaceable, therefore they have to be carefully entrusted into the right hands for transportation. Reliable, on time and delicate handling are factors we look for that are fulfilled by Yojee. Therefore, when small businesses look for delivery providers, they need to look for one that can deliver the products and your business promise.

What business advice would you give to other businesses that are starting their product or design creation process?

For every project I take on, I dive in with great passion. My excitement and enthusiasm for what I am doing drive me to accomplish great things and seeing unique prints and textures in different fabrics never fail to excite me. Having a detailed and robust vision also helps to set the correct direction for the business. Knowing what I want to accomplish at the end of the day, helps me check in on my progress to determine if I am on the right track. For Fabricate, I envision every project to be purposeful, contemporary and unique.

Plan ahead and decide what milestones you want to achieve and then deconstruct the plan. By sectioning the steps you take to reach your goals, it helps you look at the individual elements required to meet the end goal. For Fabricate, first I deconstruct the fabric followed by retaining the unique elements of each fabric/ clothing items as they hold reminders that trigger a special memory. We then add new design elements to give it a contemporary appeal and strengthen the product to be more robust and amenable to use.

Should businesses do their part of being environmentally friendly?

It is crucial that every business review their business practices to reduce waste and their carbon footprint, in so doing their part to preserve our natural environment. Here at Fabricate, we go upcycle, repurpose and refabricate fabrics and even wooden chairs. Refabrication is a great way to protect the legacy of hand-crafted wooden chairs while giving it a brand new look that is removable washable and more economical than reupholstering.

We would like to thank Fabricate for sharing their story.

To learn more about Fabricate, head to https://www.facebook.com/fabricateforme/ or email Anita Varma at fabricateforme@gmail.com.

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