14 September 2017



Yojee is pleased to advise that it has signed a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI or Agreement) with Scharff, the exclusive global service provider of Fedex across Peru and Bolivia.

Scharff Logistica Integrada S.A. (Scharff), a Peruvian corporation, has selected Yojee to provide an advanced AI backed fleet management and routing software solution for an initial two (2) year period. Pursuant to the Agreement, Scharff will pay an initial fee of USD $10,000 which will be offset against implementation costs as part of a binding agreement to be finalised by 30 October 2017.

The parties have completed extensive due diligence, including software demonstrations and detailed use case analysis, with Yojee standing out from other competitors in the tendering process due to its advanced technology, routing capabilities and ability to manage the entirety of operations inclusive of routing, billing and invoicing.

Scharff Logistica is the leading logistics company, across bulk, parcel and mail, with monthly volumes up to 900,000 deliveries per month.

Mr Manuel Velasquez, Leader of Urban Distribution at Scharff, said “We discovered Yojee through an conference in Peru, where Yojee was identified as one of the only logistics providers in the market with AI. At that point in time we were looking for the most future ready platform to protect our competitive advantage in the market, enhance customer experience and to increase operational efficiencies in areas like routing and invoicing.”

Mr Ed Clarke, Managing Director of Yojee said “This is a major milestone for Yojee by attracting a large enterprise in a market outside of South East Asia and we are very excited to partner with Scharff in Peru and Bolivia. This demonstrates both the quality of our technology, and its scalability both geographically throughout the industry and across the world. It further validates the industry leadership of our technology, and its application to even the largest of global enterprises.”

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