8 May 2017


What do you see in the photo above?

I see the challenge faced by many supply chain participants on a daily basis: the requirement to sometimes climb mountains and get around some tight corners on tricky roads. This challenge gets magnified everyday.

In the next five years:

  • Business to Consumer (B2C) parcel delivery will continue to grow in significance around the world
  • B2C will surpass Business to Business deliveries in terms of parcel volume in Asia and North America
  • B2C will continue to grow in volume at an estimated 6% per year in North America, 5% per year in Western Europe and nearly 14% per year in Asia Pacific.

Customers these days are demanding better service that allows autonomy – to be in control of how, when and where their parcels will be delivered.

Many of us are continually frustrated by having to collect our parcels from large postal companies, after a missed delivery from not being present at home to receive them. We have paid to have them delivered, not for the right to collect them at a time nominated by somebody else.

Hello Yojee!

So, what exactly is Yojee? Yojee is an innovative technology platform company that works with a variety of delivery partners across Australia and SE Asia but is capable of being utilised anywhere around the world. Not only can parcels be delivered within a timeframe that suits, but, parcels can also be delivered to any nominated location.

As most people still work away from home, it poses great inconvenience to travel to the post office during the weekends to collect the goods that you have eagerly been waiting for since they were purchased. As more people move to the convenience and ease of online shopping, Yojee is working towards providing greater flexibility and convenient delivery options. Customers will now have greater choice in the way things can happen.

One of the biggest challenges for courier services is the increasing demand for B2C deliveries with more convenient and flexible options for recipients, i.e. you and me. With multiple delivery options made available, customers will soon be able to find flexibility in having their parcels delivered at more convenient timings. This includes alternate delivery locations or more time selections for home delivery.

Research has recently shown that firms around the world are scaling up to meet future customer demand, expanding capacity and modernizing networks. As a result, many retailers see a positive and measurable impact on customer satisfaction by offering multiple delivery options to shoppers whilst a vast number of retailers aim to increase investment in delivery over the next two years.

Reliability, delivery control and preferred delivery locations (at times that suit the receiver) are key contributing factors that most customers wish to have as an option. Whilst companies continue investing in additional assets, it is not always the total solution. The assets are, in many cases, already available. Bringing these assets together, through collaboration provides greater optimisation and opportunities to provide a value proposition that hasn’t always been considered. Flexibility. That’s where Yojee comes in.

Hello Yojee!

Yojee is a publicly-listed company. See our up-to-date ASX announcements here.