Yojee has optimised our deliveries and given us full visibility that we can relay on to our clients. We are able to do more deliveries at faster times per delivery.
Omar Stamboel, Co-Founder of Westbike

Yojee is assisting our company to provide more visibility and efficiency within our supply chain with real time information and smart technology. Using the technology helps us to deliver a better experience to our customers and foster future growth. . The team is extremely responsive to our questions and feedback and we look forward to a long term partnership.
Simon Pepper, Director - Customs and Logistics of SILA

Its such an easy to use program and the support we received from Harry was exceptional. The testing period was perfect for us as it proved Yojee would be a great fit to our business needs.
Caitlin Howman, Telstra Australia

Key Software features


Suggest and assign jobs to drivers, and automate repetitive and time-consuming manual processes.


Yojee’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm analyses the optimal delivery routes so that fleets deliver in the shortest possible time.


Real-time route optimisation and smart micro-planning, intuitive interface, and in-built chat function.


Work with downstream partners quickly and securely on the Yojee platform to confidently manage peaks in business.

yojee select and assign function
Real-time visibility
Artificial Intelligence
Route optimisation

World Class
Logistics Software

Simple to use, seriously powerful: Yojee’s web-based cloud solution helps small, medium and large enterprises in the Logistics industry to achieve greater levels of efficiency and digital automation.

Work smart, not hard: Our software is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for world-class fleet management and optimisation, helping you gain greater time and cost efficiencies.

AI and ML plan, prepare, and make decisions based on billions of data points, to increase efficiencies beyond human capabilities, leading to faster and more cost effective logistics planning.

Yojee Collaborative

Everyone on Yojee Software can gain access to Yojee’s Collaborative Network. Connect with approved logistics providers of all sizes, from different continents, operating securely and safely, giving you the ability to manage the varying demands of the industry. This is the rising force in freight movement, are you apart of it?

  • Work in any direction, with any combination of partners, while enjoying full visibility throughout the process

Empowering The Logistics Industry

Uploaded on 11 November 2016

Yojee is a new kind of company that does not disrupt but empowers. Our mission is to help logistics companies embrace the digital era, the same way the web browser enabled consumers and sellers to trade online securely.

No Hidden Costs, pay as you use

Our prices are transparent and are linked to the volume of your business operations.